be confident

Be Confident

I don’t remember ‘Confidence’ on the school curriculum; though I do remember it on the end of year report, job interviews and appraisal forms.

Let’s face it, the market place is open to unprecedented opportunity, if we don’t demonstrate confidence, someone else will and get the job, be the memorable speaker, or the person who stands out from the crowd.


Just ten letters that define a behaviour, communication style and approach vital in our every day life. So how do we get it? Are we born with it or can we learn it?

We can, given time, and mindset.

So What is It?

Being confident means feeling comfortable in who we are so that others trust and believe in us.

People buy from confident people. It’s important in the workplace:

In interviews, confidence is a key personal indicator; in sales, it builds trusted relationships and business growth and it is the characteristic mark of leaders.

It takes time and effort to be confident. Once we are, we are infectious!

We Have to See It, Hear It, Feel it

  • Have a clear mental picture of how you want to be
  • See yourself doing those things you want to be able to do
  • Observe confident people you admire
  • Look at their definite body language
  • Listen to their choice of persuasive words
  • Tune in to their tone of voice and energy
  • See yourself and hear yourself mirroring that person
  • Feel the difference in you and how others respond to you

Confidence is Based on Reality

If you’re confident going into the Marathon, make sure you put in the effort  to make the 26.2 miles.

If you’re going for an interview to get that next step up, be prepared for success.

If you’re meeting a new client, know their values, products and believe in yours.

Be Confident!

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