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A Levels Be the Best Version of You


Rollercoaster emotions, achievement and celebrations, we’ll see and hear them all as ‘A’/’AS’ Level results come out this Thursday. From heady disbelief to insatiable joy,


So, what next? The university of choice, versus the second or third, clearing, decision, workplace, vocation or gap year?    There’s always options.


Personal Identity


This is a good time, along with decision making to become more aware of what makes you ‘you’. ie not just the academic intelligence but the innate talent. Self awareness builds character and is vital for personal development. Difficult when we think we know who we are, though may have achieved better or below par grades. Though it’s not just about the grades, as we connect with others, we build interpersonal skills, form relationships showing people who we are through behaviour and personality.


We only have to re-read earlier school, reports to know how we were then and now. Feedback through observations is another way we understand how others see us and reveal the good, the bad and the ugly perception.


Social Media is a Footprint


Whatever we write on twitter, facebook or show on instagram, we are leaving an indelible footprint about who we are, and the relationships we keep, whether it’s vocational training, university, workplace or gap year.


The point is to start thinking about personal identity, embrace talents, knowledge and skills, embracing the unique gifts we have and form our own personal brand.


Thursday 18th August – A Level Results

Remember You Have Options:


  • Clearing for university if you didn’t get expected grades
  • Vocational training, tap into diverse learning and development
  • Gap year to equip you with new experiences, exposure
  • Workplace, you go direct to the private, public, charity sector


And if you want to find out more about what makes you you, you can book a 1:1 or group session to help realise your hidden talents, achievements and your core identity so you can play to your strengths moving forward. Be your best ‘A’ Level and stay positive whatever tomorrow brings.BE YOU

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